The Hobbyist Part of the Market.

Reactionary nostalgia is a powerful human need, and a common psychological tool.  It is deployed primarily as a defense mechanism that functions by attempting to "rewind the tape" to a time before some source or climate of anxiety became dominant.  Beyond using nostalgia as an anxiolytic, the practitioner of often tends to harbor a fantasy that their personal reactionary belief system is widely compelling, (when articulately expressed).   For these people, nostalgia is not just to be experienced and appreciated, it is to be evangelized aggressively.  Perhaps the motivation for this is justification in numbers, or perhaps a deeper fantasy that the perceived threat might actually be overcome when many others are recruited toward this objective. 
These processes seem to dominate the most retrograde of the audio hobbyists I deal with, many whom I would speculate feel confused and obsoleted by rapidly evolving technological advances and the usage patterns associated with them.  Viewed another way, these people have accrued a great deal of self-esteem associated with their former mastery of their hobby, and technological and social changes threaten to devalue this psychological capital.
At a minimum, adopting reactionary nostalgia as a self-definition buys a person some time to develop coping mechanisms to reduce anxiety.  Examples of these coping mechanisms could be rationalizations of their preference, the repeated identification of legitimate weaknesses in alternative products and approaches to the hobby, complex debating strategies, or a focus on the development of a support network of like-minded believers.  In fact, most people will subtly adapt and embrace some change in their worldview over the duration of the time they have borrowed while engaged in strident denial or conflict.  In extreme cases, they may even become evangelists for the new order, in an unconscious attempt to master what has previously threatened their ego.  
Of course, preservation of the subject’s ego demands that the most obvious changes in worldview must be externalized, and framed in terms of technological advancement or, perhaps, personal resignation.  In other words, "Things got a little better, and I so learned to live with them."  Sometimes, some whole topic of debate is summarily dismissed as trivial; another face-saving strategy.  Rarely, if ever, are any adaptation’s on the part of the subject viewed as a submission to reality.  Needless-to-say, there are many reactionary nostalgics who never adapt, and retreat into ever more strident and marginalized niches. The world is full of them, in all fields of thought and endeavor.  
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