All Caps, All The Time.


From an Audiokarma post of mine.
Here’s one lone contary voice:
If you like the speakers, I suggest you replace that big cap with a standard bipolar electrolytic from Madisound or Parts Express.  Here’s why:
That old style cap probably has a series resistance of several Ohms, even when new.  That resistance will definitely be part of the crossover shape and frequency balance of the original design.  If you put in a film cap with very low resistance, the level of the driver it is connected to could easily go up or down by a 2 or 3 dB.  That’s a lot of tonal change. 
Of course, I know that many people like to replace their electrolytics with film.  The trouble is, 9 times out of 10, what they are doing is boosting the tweeter level, and believing they’ve added more "detail."  (These sometimes the same guys who would have a siezure just looking at an equalizer…)
So, sure, if you don’t like the speakers, of course, mod them!  Why not?  But, if you want to restore them, totally changing the crossover by changing the type of cap won’t get you there.I think you will find that modern electrolytics are MUCH better than the generation that is in your speaker, anyway.  If you feel you must use a film cap, consider adding a small resistor in series with it to maintain the balance of the speaker.  How much to add is best determined by listening.  (Hey, resistors are really cheap.)  I’d figure somewhere between 0.5 and 5 Ohms.
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