Monthly Archives: July 2011

Potential Future Topics.

  1. The myth of reconing.
  2. Product Gallery.
  3. Speakers I have known.
  4. Client list.
  5. Designers vs. Reviewers.
  6. Adhesive use in speakers.
  7. Imaging, what is it really?
  8. The story of ZT.
  9. Is everything audible?
  10. Moving beyond transfer-function characterizations of loudspeakers.
  11. Facing down the mythology of accuracy and Logical Positivism.
  12. What makes a great audio product?
  13. Tubey or Not Tubey.
  14. Music I like.
  15. The compulsive, aging “audiophile.”
  16. Why China?
  17. Fast woofers??
  18. Developing a rational intuition about audio evaluation.
  19. The way recordings are made, vs. how people imagine they are made.
  20. widely accepted errors