Kids these days….

Dear Ken,

The thread at Senior Haus at MIT which is my daughter’s dorm for a few years had this on it recently:

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: daniel e mcanulty
Date: 2011/12/3
Subject: Re: Because this was too good not to share.
To: xxxxxx;
Cc: xxxxxx;

Oh hey, this reminds me that I was surprised and pleased to find that a haus resident from the 70s works upstairs from me, the founder and main-brains behind ZT amps, through which you can see wilco playing here:

They’re these tiny but great sounding amps. Ken’s site can be found here:

To get a chance to hang out, he took me to (yet another!) old bay area senior house resident’s show at SFMOMA,

and it was awesome. Not only was campbell’s work great, but being driven around by a cantankerous old Ken who would curse out anything and everything he thought was wrong with the world under his breath really took me back, except kind of back to the future, seeing him and Jim (and yet another old house resident whose name I forget) interact at sfmoma, it was like seeing all of my friends cast forward into the future, where we are all exactly the same, only older and slightly more authoritatively foul-mouthed.

It really made my heart explode a little, I’m not kidding.

Here, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist can be seen jamming backstage through one of Ken’s tiny little amps, playing effectively against a bassist and drummer with something the size of a lunch box:

Nobody knows how to advertise anymore, least of all cantankerous old senior housers who would rather not interact with the world as-it-is, so if you’re into playing music with a small and very-loud amp and want to support a haus company, check out zt amplifiers:

They’re about to come out with a newer larger one as well, I can literally hear them upstairs putting the new design through the paces.

Anyway, it makes me smile to remember my heart exploding. It’s good, and is good, and is, daily daily,


ps jim campbell’s installation is really quite nice:



#1.  Old?

#2.  The other ancient compatriot was the renowned artist, Alan Rath.

#3.  So, my company is barely three, has negligible marketing budget; Wilco, ZZ Top, Sonic Youth, The Bunnymen, MGMT, The Chili Peppers, Merle Haggard, Andy Summers, Brian Wilson, Jason Newsted, Leon Russell, Cirque Du Soliel, John Oates, Jim Messina, Robert Poss, Oliver Leiber, John Platania, Yuka Honda, Geza X, etc, etc, are doing gigs and TV shows with the amps.  Not to mention print features from Rolling Stone to Wired. But, thanks for any advertising pointers you may have for me.

#4. Old??

Seriously… nice to meet you, Dan!

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