Moment Called Now

At a time between a Moment Called Now,
And a time of Then Later Then,
When that last gasp of your metabolism,
Goes trickling out from your helpless rectum,
You are bound to learn this hardest of lessons.

This hardest of lessons, but why?
Forced upon me, such as it was,
By a need for survival, but surprise!
Then Later Then became now a gift.
Then Later Then close to my heart I keep.

When, at the request of a Moment Called Now,
The lesson is drawn into the open and Declares:
Control is but submission to Nature’s every whim!
Control is but submission to Nature’s every whim!
Forced upon me, hard, gift though it was.

It may come to be, Then Later Then,
Then Later Then, you may know,
Born anew into things as they are,
Far, far beyond your control,
You may want me in your heart again.

Do remember please, time does take its time.
When Then Later Then becomes a Moment Called Now,
Even the Greatest of Loves,
The very hungriest of my longings,
Will have little need for a corpse.

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  • Rob  On November 4, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    Sometimes you need to sit back and try to comprehend the gifts one has been given. The only way to ensure you don’t break the source and find yourself cut off, is to build up the suspense. Lets think of the 3 day waiting period for a handgun, most see that weekend waiting period a hassle but is the reason that many enraged lovers/fathers are not locked up forever.

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