Friends! Please reconsider your vote for Romney.

I very rarely take presidential politics very seriously. But this year, I am donating whatever I can find, organizing, working volunteer phone banks, etc. I am so utterly convinced that Romney’s policies would be an unmitigated disaster for our economy now.  Campaign promises not withstanding, it takes more than four years to restructure the world’s largest economy. Bush had eight, and look what happened.  Can you remember the hopelessness, the fear, were were living in just four years ago?

Now that Obamas policies are finally, slowly, starting to get real traction, (employment, business lending, stock markets, housing starts, etc.), you want to stop that dead in the water? And, with essentially the same policities that led directly to the Great Recession? It isnt logical.

Obama has been a good man, He is learned, honest and he tries. Of course he has his flaws. But, Romney has shown no character or principles. He has swung NRA-Birther-Tea Party extremist, then pivoted to support many of Obamas own policies. Like a good Sales CEO, he will say what he needs to to close the deal. It is obvious that many Republicans want Obama out for very visceral and irrational reasons, and will do almost anything to see him fail.  That is, to me, patently unAmerican.  So please, think about it. Think which party really supports the kind of America you and your family want to live in, an honest, hopeful society driven by ideals and knowledge, or a bitter race to the finish line, steeped in hostility, flexible facts and moral relativity?  Thanks for listening…. see you on the other side!!

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