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Poetry is the Exploitation of Inefficiency.

Poetry is the Exploitation of Inefficiency. Thus, in a certain way, it draws out from its subject the nutrition it requires, leaving the efficiently digested, and mundane, in its wake.

I used to argue with him incessantly when I was an undergraduate. But, then, what else are undergraduates really good for?

A Ditty on Loudspeaker Placement.

Toe them outward slightly to help the image mesh into a continuum. It is also worth experimenting with the placement of one speaker by a few inches left or right. (If one is closer to a side wall than the other, this is the one to experiment with.) In terms of distance, you should ideally sit back roughly 1.3 times the distance between the speakers.

I realize the above sounds counterintuitive, but it will help. The root issue is the width of the human head, and adjusting to the proper multiples of this, so you can understand that small changes mean a lot.

We are the highest power.

I can think of no enticement, threat or torture that would make me allow the existence of a “high power.”