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Prototyping a Crossover?

I found a really cool way to do point-to-point that I have been using for prototyping over the last few years:

1- Pop rivet hand tool.

2- Short copper, (not steel or aluminum!), pop rivets. These are available from Grainger, etc. (eg-

3- A piece of wood. particle or MDF board large enough the hold the crossover and thick enough to accept the pop rivets. .

4- Use a hand drill to put holes that are just a tiny bit larger than the rivet diameter in the locations required.

5- Pop in the rivets. These may then be soldered in order to anchor and join the component leads. Use two or three rivets for larger wires.

6- The board may then be mounted as required.

Once you have a box of rivets and a tool, it takes just minutes to build up a neat, flexible and durable network.

Once you get good at the technique, you might sometimes want to mount things directly to the wall of a speaker, provided it is thick enough. Alternatively, you can use a thinner piece of wood, and mount parts on both sides of the board.

Lightweight Article on a Heavyweight Subject.