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Audio technology is different than any other type of engineering I know of. In normal engineering, we start with a certain problem, and then try to invent a solution to this problem. But, in audio, most of the time, we start with an invention. Then we try to discover what it might be good for. However, just because one has a cool invention does not mean that the invention is useful or any improvement to the art.


Been There, Done What?

I guess I was in an insecure mood when some hostile internet creep recently took my hearing and lack of proper equipment to task for comments I made about the audibility, or lack thereof, of the sonic differences between similar amplifiers.  This was my rant.  Embarrassing.

Since I was a young kid, I have been obsessed with music and audio. I was 7 when I attempted my first amp mod. (It failed.) When you were playing touch football in junior high, I was in my garage building a tube amp and a guitar multieffects box. When you were learning to drive, I was building and modding Dynakits, and my first self-designed turntable and arm, and a really crappy speaker using parts I pulled from my Dad’s console. Learned to play three instruments; played (poorly) in orchestra and band. When you were out dating, I was tweaking my stereo, and trying to improve the Hafler surround extractor. Learning recording. I earned college money doing design work for a dozen Boston companies, and took every audio-related course I could. Worked summers in an audio research lab. Got a “minor” in music. Played in an early art punk band. When I graduated, I did not follow my peers into the emerging world of digital and computers, and worked for local audio companies. Went back to grad school to study music, art and performance. Did my thesis and post-grad fellowship on the historical impact of telecommunications technology on music and art. By 30, I had the corner office at what, at the time, was the largest speaker company in the US. When you were starting a family, I was starting an audio company. Still love my work, and have taken two one week vacations in 20 years.

I’ve released two albums of original music, and mastered four commercial records. Recorded perhaps ten. Designed the monitoring system for the San Francisco Symphony and worked in the studio with many classical and rock artists. Was a contributing editor at Audio and High Fidelity, technical editor and columnist at Etown and Audio Video Interiors. I have spent countless hours listening to the home systems of Gordon Holt, (who also visited me), Larry Archibald, Julian Hirsch, Michael Fremer, Bob Harley, George Peterson, Corey Greenberg, Alvin Gold, Martin Colloms and many others, including most key high end reviewers and audio clubs around the world. I have heard experimental systems at ATT, BBN, NASA and Delta that would make you weep. I spearheaded International Jensen’s efforts to buy high end brands, and so visited with several of the most esteemed smaller brands in the US and Europe. Over the years, I have built midfi systems for myself and the tweakiest high performance systems, too. Oh, and at one year’s big AES convention, I won the prize at a listening competition sponsored by TDK to try and distinguish between a music source and a recording of that source done on their best tape. Got all my trials 100%.

I am >not< posting this as an appeal to authority, or to suggest it makes me correct. I am posting it so you will have a better idea of my, “frame of reference.” … I put food on the table by the quality of my listening decisions.

Lollie and Lily and Jacky and Billy.

It’s a human conceit to say that, “Things fall apart.”  In reality, things rise apart, grow apart, only to fall together. 

Help! I can’t find myself!!

re: China Now

Other than the gratuitous final paragraph, this is an insightful and clear overview of the political situation in China.

I knew right away who would be #1!!

KLH 6 vs. AR 4x vs. Large Advent – Page 3 – Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

KLH 6 vs. AR 4x vs. Large Advent – Page 3 – Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

via KLH 6 vs. AR 4x vs. Large Advent – Page 3 – Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums.

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