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Like Factoids, but not….



Audio technology is different than any other type of engineering I know of. In normal engineering, we start with a certain problem, and then try to invent a solution to this problem. But, in audio, most of the time, we start with an invention. Then we try to discover what it might be good for. However, just because one has a cool invention does not mean that the invention is useful or any improvement to the art.


Poetry is the Exploitation of Inefficiency.

Poetry is the Exploitation of Inefficiency. Thus, in a certain way, it draws out from its subject the nutrition it requires, leaving the efficiently digested, and mundane, in its wake.

I used to argue with him incessantly when I was an undergraduate. But, then, what else are undergraduates really good for?

We are the highest power.

I can think of no enticement, threat or torture that would make me allow the existence of a “high power.”

Lollie and Lily and Jacky and Billy.

It’s a human conceit to say that, “Things fall apart.”  In reality, things rise apart, grow apart, only to fall together. 

Jealousies of the Super-Ego.

To attribute another’s behavior to their personal motives, while attributing one’s own behavior purely to circumstance.  I call that an Attributional Error.  (Rather frivolously.)

 “You are doing what you want to.  I am doing what I must.”

 Then there is the Retributional Error.  That is attributing one’s behavior to others, while attributing other’s behavior to choice.

 “You demand that I do this, while you demand nothing of yourself.”