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Old Music #01


A late-70’s composition, here re-recorded in the mid-80’s.

softhearted superman

One of the first structured songs I wrote, late 70’s.

reassuring sign (excerpt)

Short excerpts of early tape and radio compositions, ca. 1980.

vl-tone experiments

london symphony

london coda

(Note: these recordings are taken from old and questionable cassette tapes. The fidelity is degraded.)

RAIN (Beatles Cover) Kantor Kirschmann Bassey


Like Factoids, but not….



Audio technology is different than any other type of engineering I know of. In normal engineering, we start with a certain problem, and then try to invent a solution to this problem. But, in audio, most of the time, we start with an invention. Then we try to discover what it might be good for. However, just because one has a cool invention does not mean that the invention is useful or any improvement to the art.


Some Unsorted Assorted Songs.


These were recorded in my home, ca. 1991 if memory serves. In general, I play all instruments except drums. Unless the drums suck, then that’s me, too. Lots more, and different styles, to come as I figure out a better workflow for posting.

All Songs (c)2013

A Review of My Album, “Incoherent,” Listener Magazine, 1997